Advancement is the process by which Scouts progress from rank to rank.  A young man advances from the rank of Scout to Eagle by doing things with his patrol and troop, with his leaders and on his own.  These activities are all designed to educate, to expand a Scout’s horizons, and to give him an opportunity to face and overcome surmountable challenges.    As a Scout moves through each rank, he learns new skills and is tested on each of the rank requirements.  After completing all the requirements (including the Scoutmaster Conference), a Scout participates in a Board of Review.  When the Board of Review has approved his advancement, the Scout’s advancement is recognized at the next Troop meeting and again at a formal Court of Honor.

Boys can earn the following ranks: Scout (joining rank), Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life and Eagle.  Eagle Scouts may earn Eagle Palms for continued service and leadership in the troop and completing additional merit badges beyond the 21 required for the Eagle award.  Click here to see the requirements for each rank from Scout to Eagle.